I live and work on the western edge of the beautiful Mendip Hills in Somerset, overlooking the sea. In 2010, after owning my own fashion boutique for a number of years, I decided to follow my heart and enrol at Bristol School of Art to learn the timeless craft of the goldsmith. From the first moment I sat at a jeweller’s bench I was hooked.

I work in both silver and gold, although I must confess to a particular love of silver. It has an ethereal, magical quality that I find enchanting. I am always on a never-ending quest to experiment with ways to add texture to my work, resulting in shimmering rustic surfaces and an organic, time-worn aesthetic, reminiscent of sea-weathered rocks, tree bark, or the moon in a sparkling night sky. Nature has always been my biggest inspiration.

All my work is produced by my own two hands using traditional goldsmithing techniques. No mass-production, no computer-aided design, just good old-fashioned hand tools working directly with precious metals and gemstones. Each piece is a tiny treasure with its own unique soul, just like its wearer.