Lois Martin’s jewellery is created by hand in her studio in the Mendip Hills in Somerset, on the west coast of England. Its quirky, rustic beauty draws inspiration from ancient treasures and earthy, natural textures.

Each one-of-a-kind piece is handcrafted by Lois using traditional goldsmithing techniques. The textures and finishes have been developed by Lois over the course of many years, giving the jewellery its time-worn aesthetic.

“My jewellery appeals to people who appreciate the soul in handmade items; who find delight in unconventional beauty and unique finds. I have a particular love of silver. It has an ethereal, magical quality that I find constantly enchanting.”

The play of light on shimmering, rustic surfaces, reminiscent of sea-weathered rocks, tree bark, or the moon in a sparkling night sky; tiny intricate details surrounding brightly-coloured gemstones; all come together to form the distinctive look of Lois’ creations; small treasures made to be worn and loved everyday.